The First Computer I Ever Used And My Experience With It

The First Computer I Ever Used And My Experience With It


This picture above brings out a lot of very good memories.

Growing up and watching people use computers on television, increased my desire to own one. I was always looking forward to the computer science lecture because we always leave the classroom to a lab filled up with computers and during our summer holidays my dad would also register me in a nearby computer school. I guess I was too fascinated with how a computer system works and I must say I also loved how fast the computer tutors typed on the keyboard. I even went as far as memorizing the keys on the keyboard so that I could also learn to type very fast.

Seeing my devotedness to my computer studies, my father surprised me with my first computer during Christmas. I could not contain my excitement. I took care of it and did not allow anyone to touch it and because of continuous practice, I became so good within a couple of months.

Now with the invention of Laptops, people do not use them anymore, but I still make use of a desktop.

Kindly share your experience if you can.